All About the TELPAS Alternate Test

All About the TELPAS Alternate Test

Your Child and the TELPAS Alternate Test

TEA has developed the TELPAS Alternate assessment to meet the federal requirements mandated under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which requires states to administer an alternate English language proficiency (ELP) assessment for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities who cannot participate in the general ELP assessment, even with allowable accommodations. Texas has adopted a definition of significant cognitive disability that can be found here.

Information for Parents About the TELPAS Alternate Test

Who? Students in grades 2–12 who are identified as English learners, receiving special education services, and have a significant cognitive disability.
What? TELPAS Alternate is an assessment program for students who are learning the English language just like TELPAS. However, it is designed to assess students with significant cognitive disabilities who cannot participate in the general TELPAS assessment, even with allowable accommodations.
When? The TELPAS Alternate test is given in the spring.
Where & How?
TELPAS Alternate is not a traditional test in which students answer questions. Instead, classroom teachers use their knowledge and observations of students to measure their ability to understand and use English to engage in academic and social learning environments.
Why? TELPAS Alternate tests are designed to measure the progress that each EL makes in becoming proficient in the use of academic English.

Want More Details About the Specifics of the TELPAS Alternate Test?

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Testing Calendar

All TELPAS Alternate tests are given during a three week window during the spring semester. Download this calendar to find out when your child will be tested in the coming school year. 

Download the Testing Calendar

Language Proficiency Assessment Committees

LPACs make testing decisions for English language learners, including test accommodations, alternate tests, etc.

Go to the LPACs Information Page on the TEA Website

Allowable Accommodations for Students Taking TELPAS Alternate

TEA has developed an alternate English language proficiency assessment, referred to as TELPAS Alternate, for ELs that have significant cognitive disabilities. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information on accommodations for TELPAS and on TELPAS Alternate.

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