The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics

The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics

The Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is much more than numbers and algorithms. Mathematics involves logic, understanding, and processing — all skills that are needed not only for tests, but for life.  The Quantile® Framework is a hands-on tool used to determine which mathematical skills a learner has mastered and which areas need additional instruction.


What the QUANTILE® Framework Does

Helps You Track Growth Over Time

Quantiles® are used to create milestones and goals for student achievement. With them, you can see how your child compares to others, discover what they know, and identify where additional help may be needed.

Shows the Range in a Grade Level

A Quantile® measures a student’s achievement in mathematics, not their grade level. A class will likely have a wide range of Quantile® student measures, which educators use to target instruction and remediate as needed.

Matches Your Child to Mathematical Concepts

Mathematical concepts allow students to see where the mathematics comes from and how it is used in everyday life. By learning underlying mathematical concepts, students gain an understanding of why mathematical procedures work.

Demonstrates the Importance of Practice

Like music, dance, athletics, and other activities, practice is essential. Practice improves calculation speed (automaticity) and flexibility with numbers to help students solve more difficult problems (fluency).

Using QUANTILE® Tools at Home

Curious about your child’s Quantile® measure and what it means? Use these tools to learn more.


This free website is full of tools and family-friendly activities to support your child’s learning. With Math@Home, you can work with your child to practice specific mathematical skills and concepts at the right level of difficulty. From building customized lists of materials and learning goals to working with your child’s teacher to develop activities to practice outside of school, this tool has it all.

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The Quantile® Map

This document shows how to use the Quantile® scale to identify how different mathematical skills and concepts relate to one another and to student learning. There are two versions of the map, the printer-friendly version and the poster version, each available in color and in black and white.

Download Map in Color

Download Map in Black and White for Efficient Printing

Learn About the Quantile® and More Download Options

Quantile® Growth Planner

With the Quantile® Growth Planner, you can chart a child’s growth in mathematics across different annual state assessments, forecast future mathematics growth, compare that forecasted growth with the demands of college and careers, and, if needed, identify a custom growth path to ensure the child graduates college- and career-ready.

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Links to QUANTILE® Informational Resources

Summer Math Challenge

The Summer Math Challenge can help your child retain mathematical skills learned during the school year and keep them on the path toward college and a career. For six weeks in the summer, parents receive daily emails with fun activities and links to educational resources. When the program ends, you can print a certificate to celebrate your child’s summer mathematics accomplishment!

Quantile® Measures in the Classroom and at Home

Parents can use Quantile® measures to support their child’s mathematical learning. This brochure will help parents explore concepts within the child’s Quantile® range, offer tips on how to communicate with teachers, provide access to free activities and materials, and suggest new ways they can celebrate their child’s mathematical accomplishments.

Find Your Textbook

This search tool indicates the difficulty of each lesson in a textbook measured on the Quantile® scale and shows you key concepts surrounding the lesson. Also presented are resources for each lesson that can help students practice their newly learned skills.

Knowledge Clusters Brochure

This one-page document illustrates the idea of a knowledge cluster within the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics. Each knowledge cluster includes a focus Quantile® Skill or Concept (QSC) and its impending, prerequisite, and supporting skills and concepts (QSCs). Knowledge clusters depict the interconnectivity of skills, concepts, and applications within the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics.

Math Skills Database

This utility helps parents locate activities and resources aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics, as well as search for those same activities and resources by mathematical topic. With these materials in hand, you can support the learning of your child and help to reinforce and maintain the mathematical skills your child is learning at school.

A Parent’s Guide to the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics

A two-page overview of the value and utility of the link between the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics and the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

Quantile® Infographic

Everything you need to know about the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics in one easy-to-understand graphic.

Quantile® Fact Sheet

A two-page description of how the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics links assessment with mathematics instruction and helps to improve student achievement.

Relationship between Quantile® and STAAR Mathematics

TEA partnered with MetaMetrics to conduct a series of studies to examine the relationship between the Quantile® scale and the STAAR mathematics scale. Student participants were representative of the Texas student population both in mathematical ability and demographics such as gender, ethnicity, economic status, and English learner status.   Read More »

Expand Your Child’s Mathematical Skills

When children have the right materials at the right time, it can accelerate their learning in mathematics and help them avoid unneeded frustration. Math@Home provides families with access to hundreds of activities and resources that support student learning outside of the classroom.

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