Understanding Your Child's Score

Understanding Your Child's Score

Learn About Your Child's Test Score in the STAAR Alternate 2 Report Card

Every student who takes the STAAR Alternate 2 test receives a STAAR Alternate 2 Report Card that helps parents see where their child is doing well and where he or she may need extra help.

A Walkthrough of the STAAR Alternate 2 Report Card

No matter what grade your child is in, this grade 8 sample report card will help guide you through the report and understand your child's STAAR Alternate 2 results. Explore the areas on this sample STAAR Alternate 2 Report Card to learn what they mean.

The Sample STAAR Alternate 2 Report Card Is Available in English and Spanish



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How To Understand Performance

Your child’s scores include performance scores for each subject area. Here are the performance levels and what they mean:

Level III: Accomplished

Students exhibit the ability to use higher-level thinking and more complex skills, which includes making inferences, comparisons, and solving multi-step problems.

Level II: Satisfactory

Students exhibit the ability to determine relationships, integrate multiple pieces of information, extend details, identify concepts, and match concepts that are similar.

Level I: Developing

Students are able to acknowledge concepts, but they demonstrate a minimal or inconsistent understanding of the knowledge and skills that are linked to content measured in this grade or course.

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