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Parent’s Checklist

As a parent, your goal is to help your child succeed in life. Here’s what you can do to help them do well in school and on the STAAR test:

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Home to School Connection

The home to school connection is critical to achieve student success. Frequent two-way communication is necessary to offer feedback, share strategies that are working, determine if student support is sufficient or determine whether additional supports are needed.

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Review Sample STAAR Content

Take a look at sample test questions and test forms to know what your child can expect long before the testing date.

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Practice at Home with an Online Tutorial

Have your child take a tutorial that teaches what the online testing environment and tools will be like.

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Don’t Stress; Do Your Best

Before the test, the best preparation is to help your child spend some time relaxing, getting a good night’s rest, and eating healthy meals.

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Review Your Child’s STAAR Report Card

See how your child did on the STAAR test this year. To dive deeper, and to view results from previous years, check out the Student Portal.

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Tools and Resources to Help Your Child Get Ready

STAAR Released Test Questions

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) releases two types of test questions for the STAAR program — sample questions and test forms.

  • Sample test questions are small subsets of test questions released from the STAAR test banks. These test questions may have been previously administered.
  • A test form is a set of released test questions previously administered together to Texas students, which reflects the STAAR test blueprints.

Review Available Test Questions

Tutorials and Practice Tests

STAAR online tutorials, practice tests, and operational assessments are available through the STAAR Online Testing Platform. The tutorials and practice tests are available to help students familiarize themselves with the online testing environment and embedded tools. Any students taking an online test are strongly encouraged to complete the tutorials and practice tests prior to taking the assessment.

The STAAR Online Testing Platform operates through a secure browser that must be installed on a desktop or tablet to access the tutorials.

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